Personal Branding Photography

A soulful branding photography session that asks the deeper questions.


In the personal branding sessions we look beyond the image.

I believe in the power of telling your story. A branding journey where we unearth the value you bring to this world. 

My strength lies in deep diving into you and your business, holding up a mirror, helping you see your difference. This experience isn’t just for your business, it is for you. To ground yourself in your story and purpose. By combining creative storytelling with strategy, the result is a tailored image library packed with soul, personality and emotion.

Your audience doesn’t need to be informed, they want something to resonate with. Let’s show them something true. Let’s show them you.


"I didn't know what to expect, or even what to hope for, when I contacted Emmi about a brand session. I just knew it was time for me to step out from behind the camera and let myself be seen by someone else. It was a very freeing and at the same time grounding experience to work with Emmi. I had complete faith in her and knew my only job was to try to be present. Emmi did such an amazing job of building that connection, and what astonishes me the most is looking at the final photographs and seeing MYSELF."


"If you want to have an experience of creating brand images that really cares and takes into account every part of you and your work - work with Emmi. Emmi does photography with a soul. If you truly care about the work that you do - working with Emmi is not only an investment in high quality images, it is an investment in the vulnerable beating heart of why you do what you do. <3"


"Jag kände mig så bekväm och sedd. Du lockade fram mitt äkta jag, helt fantastiskt att få ha dig som fotograf. Planeringen innan hjälpte väldigt mycket för att få klarhet i vad som sku kommuniceras.
Om du vill bli fotograferad av en person som verkligen SER människan inuti dig, då ska du välja Emmi. Hennes inkännande, peppande och mjuka sätt gör det till en riktig self love boost att stå framför hennes kamera."


"Emilias handledning genom hela processen kommer att ge dig mycket mer än du på förhand kan tänka dig. Hon ser dig, vill lära känna dig hjälper dig ta fram dels det du önskar att ska uppenbara sig i bilder och dels något du inte visste att du i bilder kan förmedla. Därtill omfattar processen hon utformar tillsammans med dig innehåll du både innan och efteråt kan arbeta med för att utveckla ditt företag och lära känna dig själv i rollen som företagare."


"I'd say she's the right photographer for anyone who wants to truly SEE their SELF in pictures. For anyone who wants to figure out their personal brand, and wants truly incredible pictures that capture your very soul. I'd recommend you to just about anyone! <3"

Heartfelt experiences &


Personal branding that is actually personal.

To bring out your essence, I want to get to know you. That is why there is always two planning sessions before the shoot. You'll receive the Soulful Branding Workbook where we'll look into your story, values, aesthetic, goals and so much more!

A wholehearted branding journey begins here.

Business woman smiling leaning on a railing


The Personal Branding Photography Session

Two soulful planning calls before the shoot
A 20+ page soulful branding workbook to help you crystalize your brand and image needs
Photoshoot day on location up to 4 hours
Image retouching & online delivery
100+ digital images in original & web resolution
Images delivered within 3-5 weeks depending on the season
Option to pay in two installments at no extra cost
950€ + 24% VAT
Added travel costs outside of Kokkola
Payment plans available

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A session of soul, strategy & storytelling for creative, honest brands. I can’t wait to discover your story and why you do what you do!