Where will the sessions take place?
Sessions will take place in my home studio located in Kirkonmäki, Kokkola. If you make a booking I will send further details of the address.
How many per session?
These sessions allow up to families of 5 within the studio. If there are more of you please let me know.
How do I book my session?
You book your session online through this link:
Who is the session for?
These sessions are for families (up to 5 people), couples, kids… anyone really! Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who would like to send out Christmas greetings to all your clients? This would be a great option for that as well!
What will the Xmas Mini sessions look like?
We will have a simple and clean setup which will be similar to the photos on this page. This way you can display your photos all year around without them feeling too “christmasy”.  You will have the option of a white or dark grey backdrop with a beautiful large Christmas wreath in addition to a few optional props to compliment the set.
Studio portrait of daughter and mother
What time should I arrive?
Everyone who has booked will have an allocated time slot. To make the most of your time slot I ask everyone to arrive with plenty of time to find the address and park up. Its important to note that these are back to back sessions so I will not be able to run over on any sessions if you are late. Also please note if you are early then I may still be in a session.
What should you wear? 
Your outfits are completely up to you. You can arrive in your PJ’s or dressed for a party. My styling tip would be (unless you all decide to come in matching PJ’s) to dress in colours that go together without being too matchy matchy. Other quick tips are: plan your outfits ahead, iron your clothes, say no to big logos and characters and remember textures are your friend. You might also keep in mind what background you’re shooting on (the white or dark grey) to help you decide on your outfits. 
When will my images be ready?
Your digital images will be delivered to your email within 1 week after the session so that you will have them in plenty of time for Christmas.
How many images will I receive?
Your session will include 5 edited high resolution digital images chosen by the photographer. The finalised images from your session will be delivered to you via email. You will then have 1-2 days time to choose which image you would like to have printed to a fine art enlargement. NOTE! If you booked package #1 you can choose one image for your enlargement and another image for your printed fine art cards. 
Studio portrait of siblings in armchair
How much does the Xmas mini session cost?
You’ll have the option of choosing between two different packages: 219€ or 159€.
What do the packages include?
When booking your Xmas mini session you get to choose between two packages. Each package includes the session fee, digital files and fine art products. These are your choices:
20 min studio session
5 digital images in high resolution chosen by the photographer
20 cards of one image printed locally on beautiful fine art paper
1 fine art enlargement 21x30cm (A4)
20 min studio session
5 digital images in high resolution chosen by the photographer
1 fine art enlargement 21x30cm (A4)
I’m so happy to be able to support other small businesses by offering locally handprinted products made of high quality fine art paper that will last for years. The fine art cards will be printed with a white border.
Studio family portrait
How will I receive my printed products?
Your products will be ready for pick-up from the studio in early December (you will receive further details after your session). If you wish me to send you your printed goods, an additional fee of 6€ for shipping and handling will be charged.
Payment is due 14 days after you receive your digital images. Your invoice will be sent to you by email. 
Can I order add-ons?
Yes! Additional fine art enlargements are 20€/print and the fine art cards are 3€/card. If you wish to purchase additional products you need to mention this in the same email where you send me the image you wish to use for your printed products.
Girl and boy throwing fake snow in the air