Where intentionality and photography merge.


Portraits in the shape of a journey. An exploration and unfolding of your creativity and unique story as you step into your self-expression and your intrinsic empowerment. Reclaiming and reconnecting to the voice within.

Witnessing all that you are.

Photography to me is an inward journey.

Whether it’s a soulful portrait or personal branding session, I want to set the table for you to unearth something new. A chance to reconnect, express and tell a true story.

My work is about empowering women and creatives to trust themselves, offering intentional photography experiences where we focus on soul, storytelling & and above all you.

My dream is that you would see yourself, beyond the filters and harsh inner voices letting courage and self-compassion lead the way. You belong and have always belonged. <3 Emmi x

Let's walk part of the journey together.

My name is Emilia Kavilo, but my friends call me Emmi, you can too! I'm a curious creative and aspiring wise woman based in Kokkola, Finland. Creating connection and a meaningful everyday life on my own terms is what I'm here for. A nerdy homebody with three kids and a husband, I'm an introvert who longs for the stage. A passionate playlist maker who is excellent at relaxing - it's truly one of my superpowers.


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Here’s what you can expect from a photoshoot experience with me; I will bring my calm and listening presence to our session. I will hold space for you and guide you throughout. A loving witness to all that you are.